The free-moria project strives to change the license of Umoria 5.5.2 from it's original non-free license to the General Public License version 2.  We are asking every contributor to Umoria 5.5.2 to put his or her contribution either into the public domain, or under the terms of the GPL v2.  This project has completed it's goal of getting all known copyright-holders to relicense their contribution. The license declarations can be presented to David Grabiner (the maintainer of Umoria) so that he change the official version of Umoria to become free software.

Last Updated on 2015-03-03

This project is now completed. UMoria 5.6 has been released as Free Software and lives here on github. Thank-you to David Grabiner and Ben Shadwick for doing this!

Here's the list of Umoria contributors, along with their choice of license for their contribution:
A big thanks goes to everyone who has given us their declaration so far!  If you know someone on this list, we really want to hear from them!  You know what to do -- tell them to mail us.
If you want a copy of the declarations, just ask for them.